If you are a business owner and whatever you do to increase the number of your audience by using social media, completely fails, this article is of interest to you. Here are 4 mistakes done by different brands on social media, spending their budgets without success, and not managing to create real interactions with the public they are interested in.

  1. Targeting a very wide audience

It is undeniable that we live in a digital society where we share our culture much faster than ever. Twenty years ago, a teenager in Central Europe looked completely different from someone in Asia, and that’s not true today. The audience in its entirety has acquired some common features that do not have to lead a brand to the creation of common practices and content.

Did not you have that in mind? Forget what they’ve told you.

Our advice: Analyse audience and focus on the consumer who is interested in really linking with this brand.

  1. Huge sponsorship of events

Events are a boom that often does not lead a brand anywhere. At the end of an event, brands have no idea if their actions were successful because measurements are loose, general, unrelated and biased.

You do not have to invest huge amounts of money on supporting events that last a little time and then are soon over, cause in this way you cannot acquire, but also keep the desired audience for a lot longer.

  1. Weak hashtags

We are constantly seeing brands trying to escalate a boring hashtag, almost as if they have no idea what a hashtag means. Hashtags are used to highlight trends, movements and feelings, and must mean something, touch someone, but also create a pattern that interests the world and invites him to enter the game of resharing.

Did you know that Hashtags are a movement? A movement of interest and a clear call-to-action, in which every different kind of audience wants, but can also participate.

  1. Paid influencers on Instagram

The pay to play game of interaction is inappropriate as it does not lead to the right audience. Influencers are influential because they are able to develop and improve the content of a brand. If such cooperation is accompanied by a mutual benefit, then the influencers will see the value they earn and they will participate, without payment. We are talking about cooperation, not selling.

Your brand will have to find a way to fit the world’s demand with its own values ​​so that it can lead to a perfect storm of reactions where the authentic interaction is the king.

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