What pulls the stings of marketing in the new year?

The more things change, the more they remain the same. What we need to do is adapt our previous strategies and restart with test methods and see what can be evolved, or even be left behind.

However, there is a large part of the market that has undoubtedly flowed for quite some time, remaining faithful to proven strategies that are obviously here to stay.

Here are the marketing strategies you need to have in your marketing arsenal in 2019:

The rise of the micro – influencer

The word-to-mouth method has long been one of the most effective marketing strategies, as people are looking for recommendations for products and services from those who truly trust.

You no longer have to pay huge amounts of money, there are micro-influencers who while they have less than 1 million followers, usually their audience is loyal!

Getting started, in order to find them, use hashtags and then look for ideas on how you could start a mutually beneficial relationship.

The key is to find people who are already passionate about the subject, because when the moves are authentic, the public knows it well.

Content continues to be the king

Content is vital to the development of a brand and especially after the rise of video content. A text or video that explains your product’s features or your company’s message gives the public the incentive to interact, as well as gives some expertise to the industry. 

Content provides the connection between your brand and your customer. And this connection can also be extended emotionally. Nothing better!

Affiliate marketing is evolving

This is the case where a brand agrees with different partners and gives them the option to promote products or services on their website in exchange for a commission. We know that social media affect consumer purchasing patterns, so this practice can have top-notch results.

To track the progress of your profit from this practice, do not forget to update your analytics so you can see exactly what moves are made for the desired result.

Organic search must be in focus

Performing an annual SEO test can evaluate the opportunities for optimizing your website, which can lead to greater results in organic search.

Let your customers find you more easily.

Things are changing every day in the marketing world. Think out of the box to get your brand on top in a rapidly changing world.