Despite the importance of a website for a brand, many think it’s a secondary thought. Is it time to refresh your website?

Website redesign (and maintenance) can be extremely costly, but in today’s digital world, each brand needs to be tailored to its audience needs and maintain an online presence worth clicking at and at the end worth buying from.

How will you know what’s the right time to renew your website?

There are some signs that prove that maybe the time has come. The time to get the smartest decision for your brand and customers.

  1. Is your website consistent with what your brand represents and with its whole history? 

It’s not uncommon for several businesses to forget about renewing their online presence after serious changes (such as changing strategies, changing services offers, location, etc.)!

Your website should reflect these changes and place your brand correctly on the market.

Even if your products, services and your audience have remained the same, it’s important to keep checking your website to make sure it accurately portrays your story – the vision, the values ​​and the deeper purpose you serve. Keep in mind: This goes beyond simple changes on the “About Us” page or on your landing page.

Beyond the messages that your brand passes, put the images and design under the microscope. Do you think you could attract the wrong customers or, even worse, stay away from the right ones?

  1. Does your website provide an excellent user experience?

This may not be so obvious to you or your team. You can talk to your existing customers about it.

An unpleasant user experience is often the “silent killer” of most websites.

Here are some questions you can ask:

1. Did you easily find what you need on our website?
2. Does the site load fast?
3. Do you have any objection to aesthetics followed?
4. Is there something you searched for and did not find?

This feedback will help you find out if there are any points that could be improved. You can also compare your data with Google Analytics to get the desired results.

For example, you can see where your potential client is staying more. What is this point in the website? Is he browsing at some pages more than in others? What’s the moment he leaves the website?

  1. Does your website support your content?

It is important to support not only the volume but the type of content you can produce.

You may have great videos or a podcast, but if it fails to load, the result is a frustrating experience for the user. If the platform in which this content is provided is not functional, it can cause more damage than bring good.

And it’s a real shame for good content to go wasted.

  1. Is your website technologically updated?

Technology is changing rapidly and compels us to think about the different ways in which our future customers want to work with us. Nowadays, your website should work on various modern mobile devices and produce an equally friendly experience.

In addition, there is security. There is nothing that can crash a brand faster than the data breach.

Regular controls will help you stay up-to-date, keep your customer’s information secure and meet their needs digitally, regardless of the device they use.

A website is a tool.

If it accurately reflects your brand and is informed in terms of security and technology, this is half the battle. And you’ve won it.

If you are wondering if the time has come for your website to represent your idea in its entirety, contact us and learn more about digital data redesign and data analysis services.