In the social media world today, everything is engagement. Your audience drives you and you drive it.

It’s not always the opinions you express or the activities you make from your business account, but more about how many people take action when they see your posts.

There are some basic tactics you can apply to increase your audience’s engagement with Instagram Stories.

Why? Instagram Stories is the latest, most successful promotional tool that Instagram has offered us, since it is expected to exceed 111 million users in 2019!

1. Tell a story

First of all, the easiest way to improve the interaction in your stories is actually to tell a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s easy to just upload a photo, but remember that people are here for information.

Any useful advice or information you offer within a storyboard will make the experience really better!

2. Add captions (or sound)

Let’s be honest here, as most people do not have the sound of their mobile on when they are on the IG homepage. Instead of being just a speaker in a video where you describe a condition, take some time to write what you say in captions.

The response of the public will surely grow rapidly!

3. Use stickers

The stickers are so fun and make your stories even more interactive. In addition to common stickers, there are two types of stickers that greatly increase the interaction:

Question stickers

Using the sticker question has its own unique benefits. When you reproduce a question that probably has been submitted by the audience, or even you have thought that the audience would be interested in answering that, you increase the interaction sharply.

Especially in the first case, you are lucky enough and you can absolutely tag the person who asked the question in order to be notified with a message about your response.

Poll stickers

The audience clearly loves opinion polls. Use the Poll sticker to see your audience’s preferences and let them help you make choices in your business (such as what your next product will be or how it will help the world a particular development of your services).

Tip: After seeing the list of people who have responded to your poll, you can send them an instant message 24 hours after the poll is completed to continue the conversation with them.

Additionally, using location stickers you can ensure that you are appearing in relevant searches in the same area and adding hashtags will help you appear in front of many more eyes!

4. Lead the public in further action

Try to add more text to your stories and encourage the public to “hold” their finger in the picture for a full reading.

Also, add the “Tap for more” notification after a question. From there you can have a link to the website with the answer (if you have been given the tool of swipe up by the application), otherwise it can lead to a next story or a link in bio (a link that is displayed on the bio section of your profile).

You can intrigue your audience and make them turn their smartphones horizontally in order to read something or prepare them, saying something like “You cannot imagine what follows in the next stories.”

And finally, contests through stories. Experience gets better when it’s more collective, since the audience can join with friends to win. Create a giveaway, encouraging the public to use the screenshot or repost.

Otherwise, ask your new followers to tag you or use a hashtag which is inspired by the particular contest in their own stories!

It’s all about action, guys!