Most travellers make the final choice of a hotel after visiting its website.

Many hotels may not even have a website of their own (I guess that’s rare), but they are limited to a presence on the local Google network or on one of the thousands of websites for bookings. Having your own website is a great way to showcase your individuality and promote the best version of your hotel online. And beware: the best version for the best possible result.

See here an analogy that can help you put this plan in place. Imagine being born in a very distinguished family. Many ambitious people in such a situation would like to stand out as individual entities and not rely solely on the family name. The same can be said about your hotel and the way it chooses to “solidify” its digital identity with its own website.

Here’s a look at the benefits of creating a website or redesigning the existing one for your own hotel business. There is a reason. And not only one, but five.

  • Say your own story with your own visuals

The website should be able to visualize your story with fresh and vibrant images that best represent your spaces. Remember that 90% of all the information in our minds is visual, so the bolder the images that represent your story, the faster you can cause an emotional response to your audience – and therefore a reservation.

  • Decide on the look and feel it pushes in more clicks

Having the creative freedom to determine what kind of experience you want visitors to have on your website, the originality of your hotel can become a reality.

Your own website should dance at the pace of its own drum, stand out with targeted text use, huge and explosive images covering the page and with a very cool and safety vibe that fills the next visitor with confidence.

  • You can enhance the location of your hotel

Local events and attractions, the surrounding city and neighbourhoods, parks, sporting events play a key role in what differentiates your hotel from others. Unique photos that adapt to your story, cover all travel experiences that potential visitors have in mind when deciding on the hotel the will stay in.

  • Stronger SEO capabilities

A website works as a free marketing tool and directs traffic, at the same time you have much more flexibility in the whole design, allowing your page to gain organic search engine appeal. This can be accomplished by improving keywords, headlines, social media links, and keeping fresh content of course to make it easier for visitors to travel.

  • Your own brand on Social Media

Another great advantage of the website is the ability to view the hotel on social media as a brand that can attract the audience through its content and create an interaction with existing or potential customers. On Social media, the news for an awsome travel experience, can travel amazingly fast.

It is important to note that a new website coincides with maintenance responsibilities, content renewal and is not something that when created, we leave it aside. This does not need to scare you.

Think of your website as the foundation for the presence of your hotel on the internet. Everything comes from it, as major highways lead to the city centre.

At Cleancut, we offer hotel design and programming services, staying next to you after the delivery. Regular maintenance, tracking of traffic analytics, dynamic presence on Google and social media are important additional services that can lead your hotel business one step further.

The final deal for each hotel is to lead to direct bookings via a website that represents your truly unique identity and responds to the vision of its own creation in the best possible way.

Contact us to discuss the online future of your own hotel for more bookings today!