There is a simple way to gain more attention to your content and therefore create more buyers ready to add your products to their online shopping basket: email marketing like a killer.

Your email list deserves all the interaction it can cause with the public if it’s designed properly. Regardless of how large your list is; no one sees your content if no one goes into the process of opening your messages first.

Writing some remarkable issues to your emails is the first step to getting more clicks to open them.

Here are 5 simple tricks you can apply immediately to increase your email opening:

  1. Use numbers.

Numbers are your best friends.

Through different tests, it has been found that email issues that include numbers achieve 57% better interaction than without them.

The key:

If you suggest steps in a process for example, then using a small number works better as it suggests that the process is faster and easier. However, if you offer value to the reader with a product offer, then a higher number will work better.

  1. Remember, the characters count.

Computers usually show about 60 characters and mobile devices are about 25 to 30.

Where will your subscribers see your email first? Are they going to read it on their smartphones as soon as they wake up?

In a study, subjects ranging from 61 to 70 characters were read at about 17%.

  1. Use words that increase the opening of emails.

The magic of copywriting – your words matter. See 8 words for your next campaign that can increase the possibility that your emails will be read:

“special offer”




“The No1 …”

«Best of»




  1. Avoid words that reduce interaction.

Remember Newton’s law – “For every action, there is a reaction.” The same happens with email marketing.

Here are 8 words or phrases that bring you to the unwanted:




“What you need to know”

“You Will not Believe”

“2 in 1”




  1. Make your own test first.

There is no common rule for email marketing and usually copy-paste can do bad rather than good. You need to adapt best practices to your own list.

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