Social media consumers have more buying power than ever before.

According to recent studies, Instagram and Facebook have become two of the top channels for online purchases.

If your goal is to get the most out of social media, driving your existing fans into real clients or wanting to create more new customers, there’s a key phrase: “social media conversions”.

Here are 6 tactics needed to boost sales through social media.

Landing pages mobile-friendly

We are in the age of customers on the go.

A simple Instagram tour may become a purchase if the landing page is easy to navigate.

If you are promoting offers to Instagram, or Facebook, you should consider creating an interactive page where the user can easily complete their purchases.

Large, bright lighted buttons that lead the user where he really wants to go.

Offers and great news on video

Videos show your products in action and catch the eyes.

You don’t necessarily need the triptych “lights-camera-go” to create a good video. A simple stop-motion video can tell the story, show the product from every possible angle, prove its good use and of course stop the infinite scrolling!

Call to action (a human one)

Munch of the times, a good offer is not enough. Put a little personality behind the titles of your posts.

The key is that the captions should sound like they were written by a human being rather than a bot. Ask questions, or make posts that invite the audience to comment by adding tags to their friends and making them part of the conversation.

Go with your branding flow

The creative elements of your brand, such as tone of voice, images and colours, must be consistent and same as customers approach the “buy now” button. Although the creative does not seem so important when someone reaches the “basket”, it can easily be distractive if it does not match the rest of the interactive experience.

Branding must be visible at all points of the so-called funnel. (What is a sales funnel?)

User-generated content – a great social proof

The photos of your customers give you the necessary sense of authenticity. User content creation is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, as it is a brilliant way to increase sales.

People who talk about their experience in other people. What’s better? 

Non-stop analytics / Sales monitoring

There are a few ways to do this. You can set clear goals and according to campaign results, understand what turns a visit into a sale and what does not.

Google and Social media analytics, as they are called in the world of marketing are a focal point. Here you will need some help.

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