When it comes to the content of your business, your website is the focal point. The most important thing is to attract consumers to visit it, to see how well your company goes and to buy its products or services.

And we are talking in present continuous. To be effective and keep being effective, you need to set up your website correctly.

A research shows that:

  • 81% of buyers are looking everything Online before making big purchases.
  • 78% of searches in local stores leads to purchases from the store.
  • 71% of B2B researchers start with a general search.

Does the website provide all the details you need to convince someone to choose you?

The first thing you need to show is ‘who you are and what your brand represents’. Make sure the “about us” page contains the necessary information to boost your business marketing.

What is the attitude of your business?
1. The story of the brand: How did your business start? What led the founder to open the doors?
2.The people behind it? Customers want to see the human side of a business. Who started the team? Who are the main players?
3. What makes you different: What distinguishes you from competitors? Why should a potential customer work with you rather than another company? Make it very clear.
4. Where can you find the press? Journalists visiting your website should be able to find the information they need quickly and easily as well as the customers themselves.
5. Who does not want to read what they say and write about your products and services?

A lot of information!

Instead of sharing all of this information across the website, add some of them to the “about us” page to make it easy and less tiring to access and “help” business marketing in a more intimate and friendly way for every customer.

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