In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of chatbots and artificial intelligence in general. Technology has radically changed the way we live and buy.

The bot allows us to communicate with it as if we were talking to another person. This development can have tremendous benefits for both the companies that use them and their customers.

Let’s take a look at some of their main uses.

Users are able to chat with a chatbot, asking for information either by typing or using their voice. Google has the ability to provide us with all the information we need directly from the internet. However, bots answer every question about the company, thanks to a series of pre-programmed responses that were introduced upon installation by the company itself. How a bot helps us? We save time. Both the business itself and the customers can be served online instantly and easily. 

What else can we do with a chatbot?

Schedule appointments or set reminders.

Users have the ability to use chatbots to set up appointments or reminders and for those who have a busy life, this can be extremely useful.

Make an order.

Using a chatbot can simplify a whole sales process and has the power to encourage someone to make a purchase. Users can have almost human communication with a bot and order what they want directly, from the simplest ordering of a pizza to anything you can imagine.

We can manage sales channels.

It is likely that many people have placed products in a virtual shopping basket without ever buying them. A chatbot can be used to offer subversive discounts or send reminders to customers, which can help the user rethink the purchase of these products. Many businesses are already using bots to help them increase sales and retain their customers.

What about you?

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