The social media service is just what it sounds like. We use social networking tools to provide online customer support.

In today’s digital world, people expect businesses to be available for help at any time they need it.

How can your business provide the necessary solutions to its customers through social media?

For the sake of truth, there are some statistics on how important customer service is through social media!

67% of customers have used live chat, social media or text messaging to communicate with customer service.

20.8% of US Internet users say social media is the best channel for customer service.

 More than 150 million people are talking to businesses through Instagram Direct every month.

 69% of US residents said sending instant messages to a company makes them feel more confident about it!

81% of Twitter users who do not receive a response from a company will not recommend the company to friends.

Customer service is the “backbone of the whole business”.

Here are the top tips to better serve your business customers through social media:

1. Make social customer service a priority

Every tweet needs to be answered. It’s so important, since your team is the people who listen to users and help them interact with your brand.

You do not need every answer to be useful in something, it can just be a friendly comment, a funny phrase or whatever else creates a bond between you two.

2. Create a special customer support page

So you can filter requests, respond automatically in a short time, and prepare more specific answers for very frequently asked questions. This also allows people to know where to turn for support-related requests.

Make it easy for the customer.

3. Create guidelines for social media customer support

It is important to have guidelines set by a company marketing team. Every directive must have the stamp of your business. Voice tone, response time, and answers to frequently asked questions must be specific and fit perfectly with your brand values.

4. Follow conversations about your business

When consumers report a business with a hashtag, they can often accompany the post with a complaint. It is good for your customer support team to “listen” to customer problems and answer.

B.C. “Today, I bought a phone from #that company and it does not work.”

Answer: “Hello! We see that you may be having problems with the phone you recently purchased. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the Return & Exchange Policy or the manufacturer’s warranty. ”

5. Answer always

This may seem obvious, but it is a rule that not all companies follow.

The answer to all questions proves to potential customers that the company is interested in the needs of its customers.

Do not hesitate to create relationships with customers by replying to Instagram instant messages.

6. Answer quickly

A study from Twitter showed that 71% of users expect a business to respond within one hour. people expect a faster response through social media than through other types of communication (including phone)

7. Try a chatbot for regular service requests

Especially for the millennials. A great way to offer basic 24/7 customer service. It gives customers the information they want right away and they work best for simple questions you often get.

Customer service in social media is a different service from the well-known to all of us social media marketing. It requires special treatment and proper implementation, since it “characterizes” each brand as truly social or not.

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