What can your business do to get into the buyers’ mind and guide sales?

If you want to impress your customers and keep your business in their mind, take a look at the following tips:

Put the feeling above the logic.

Have you ever bought anything just because it excited you so much that made you smile? We can say with confidence that we were all been at this point. According to Antonio Damasio, Professor of Neuroscience at Southern California University, emotion is a necessary ingredient for almost all decisions that lead to a purchase.

We do not always measure the pros and cons before we buy something. Most of the time we are laid by our feelings on it.

That is why, instead of constantly informing your audience about how perfect the product you offer is, presenting its features and specific characteristics, you better describe how it will make the audience feel when they use it.

Prove that the quality of your product is socially acceptable.

When consumers see that a product or service is loved by others, it suddenly gains more value. According to Siegel Research, almost 95% of buyers read online reviews before making a purchase.

Create a “fear” that the consumer is going to miss an opportunity.

This fear, known as FOMO, has become a popular phrase in today’s culture. The term usually refers to people who cannot stop looking at their smartphones for fear of losing the news.

Use the phrase “do not miss it!”. Your product is instantly transformed into a lucky voucher; its rarity gets a different meaning.

Use the feeling of reciprocity.

Have you ever been asked to try a cheese, by just walking in the street? Almost certainly you soon found yourself, carrying a bag of this cheese on the way home.

The psychology of reciprocity works like this. When someone gives us something, we feel compelled to give them something back.

You can do it on the internet now. Offer a free downloadable PDF guide to make life easier. People love gifts and they will reward you for your generosity by becoming your new customers.

Use middle choise psychology.

Not the cheapest nor the most expensive option. Just the one which is found in the middle. This is the consumer’s favourite. When all your products have similar prices, there is no benefit. To boost sales, put your top product in the middle price.

Understanding what emotionally affects people will help your business connect with its audience at a real level and boost your sales like never before.

Remember: consumers are smart. Be always honest and authentic as it concerns your business moves.