Everyday start-ups are addressing their branding specialists to search for corporate names and many of them wonder if they just need to use their surname. It seems like an obvious choice. But it is not. Before you do that too, read what follows.

Perhaps you just need to think more for a good name, in order to not get lost in the competition of thousands of surnames later.

Why do you have to think of it twice?

Your surname cannot represent an idea

It really does not make any sense. No one will know what your company is about, if the name of the company is not in line with its main goals.

In a hyper-competitive business environment, a successful brand name provides a good start, a hint of what services or products one can find in this business. A good name should just be interesting.

Your surname is probably everywhere

You would not want to discover that your new business name is eg. the seventh most popular surname in Greece. Your competitor may be anything. A law firm, an insurance office, any company. You do not need so much competition.

The name should sound good when it is called out loud

In case you have made a brilliant discovery about your business name, which may mean everything you wanted, do not hurry. People will want to pronounce this name on the radio, in a video or in a conversation. Make sure they can.

Avoid the smart, but difficult characters

We may never be sure if everyone writes Flickr with “er” or not, whenever they search for it. If you have no idea how to write something, without doing a spelling mistake, your potential customers will find it more difficult.

Be careful with the initials

It’s so boring. Yes, IBM and 3M have done it, but they are multi-billion-dollar companies that have been around for decades. Until you get there, better rely on an interesting name.

Try it on Google AdWords

AdWords will list similar search phrases as well as how many global and local searches are made each month for this name. This way you will ensure that no one can get more attention on the Internet than your own business.

Search if it exists on Facebook

It is likely to exist, even if the business does not possibly have its own website. In this case and since your business should have a Facebook page, make sure there is no one with the same name.

Starting a business is quite difficult, so provide yourself with every advantage, starting with the name of the business.

Take the time to think about its “mark”. Having a unique, exciting brand name, the growth and expansion of the entire business will really last.

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