It’s starting to look like a lot like Christmas …

This means that companies and small businesses around the world have already organized how they will celebrate this Christmas period with their customers.

Perhaps you have started working hard too on social media campaigns or Christmas newsletters that will arrive at your customers mailboxes on time to mark the beginning of the feast.

Whatever your seasonal strategy, it is important to remember that you will experience enough competition. Moreover, Christmas is always a period of high consumerism.

The key to success, when the snow finally falls and Christmas lights are on, is to learn how to stand out in the festive madness of the market.

Find a way to connect with your audience through feelings of enthusiasm and festive experience in the following ways: 

First create your audience.

Potential customers and influencers that affect potential customers. Organize online social media contests to develop your newsletter list. Use targeted Facebook ads to create your fans.

Make a contact with bloggers and journalists who can organize a gift contest successfully.

A blogger can also help to tune your consumer preferences before you even announce a contest, asking his followers to answer “What is the best / worst Christmas gift you’ve ever received?”.

Send an Earlybird offer to your subscribers and then a reminder of its expiration.

You can also share photos and videos of the preparation process of your Christmas products with the public. This can help enough to develop the interaction.

And the closer Christmas days come, organize a Q & A with customers, so they can ask their own questions and give you the information you want via Facebook Live.

And after you send the last emails of final offers before the end of the year, say thank you, either through your social media content or by sending thank you cards / gifts or messages to the people who contributed to your success in 2018.

Keep in mind that for most people, this period is the happiest time of year. When customers feel happy, they are more likely to make more purchases.

Create content that people will want to share with their own people network.

Take advantage of how “urgent” everything is during the Christmas season.

Perhaps the most annoying thing of the festive season is the fact that it must eventually end. While it is tempting to keep our cheer for as long as possible, the best campaigns have an expiration date.

However, there is something good in all that madness. People do not want to feel that they are missing out on a special event. Get people to take action in order to make the best deal.

Good luck and merry Christmas!