If this is your first time, you should know that the following tips will help you reduce the risk of error, but in the end there is no way to know for sure whether the idea of ​​your application will work. Sometimes everything depends on timing and luck.

The tips that follow will convince you that it is worth investing if you truly believe that your idea is really good. If it is not, you can let it grow.

Does the idea of ​​your app solve a problem?

Give a definition to the problem that exists in the industry in which the app is compliant. Are there solutions? What is the target audience?

Ask yourself: “Would I personally use this product / service?”

Will it help users substantially improve their lives?

When it comes to solving a problem, if you want the app to be really successful in a B2B market, you should test whether it passes the toothpaste rule: the solution it offers will allow customers to use this product at least twice a day. If the answer is yes, we have a winner.

Explore the market!

Search for statistics to prove that the idea of ​​this application is a good one. It is not a bad thing to work with a market leader and make sure that at least one member of your team has a good knowledge of the market which you’re interested of. 

Research the competition!

Create a file with the important information of all competitors: services, location, app reviews, etc. Find out what pattern leads them to profitability.

Understand your customers / users!

Creating at least one, if not multiple, user profiles is a really important part.

Try to cover every possible characteristic of the public:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Technologically familiar or not
  • Common interests
  • Online habits
  • Incentives to use the app
  • Other applications they use
  • Possible channels that they could visit

Talk to people!

Communicating with your target market is critical to understanding whether the idea of ​​the app is good enough to make money or not. When the idea begins to take shape you need to share it and identify what the perfect customers would be. However, if you are afraid of the idea to be stolen, you can collect your data with an anonymous questionnaire.

Is it financially viable?

Make a forecast of your profits. It’s important to have a strategy for your finances right from the start. You may, for example, decide that the primary goal is not to make money in the first years. The goal may be to maximize the number of users. In this case, you’ve got to have in mind a specific goal and how to fulfil it.

Begin, have courage and a strategy that will guide you in every step.

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