There are ways that can really help advertising and also sales of your product, program or service that your business is offering. Technology and new web-reality make these ways look a lot better and turn to be a big benefit.

What you really need to do is put yourself out there so your audience can be reached. One way to make this happen? Start selling though your Instagram account.
To increase your sales, you need to do something that makes you unique, something that’s really “you”.

What makes you different from the others? How can you make it worth through marketing?

1. Fill your posts with value

Show why it is worth paying for what you offer, show that you are unique in something and you have to share it with the world.

2. Create posts for your audience, not for you

Focus on their needs and how you and only you can cover them. Most brands focus on their services, you will work for the customers.

3. Talk to them

Ask questions and open conversations, listen to them and talk to them. Build step by step their trust in you. Show that what interests you most is relationships.

4. Let yourself be controversial

Thus, you will attract the audience that suits you best.

5. Be authentic

Be true and real to your audience. Occasionally let them know a few things about your human side, put them for a while in your daily life.

6. Focus on change, not on information

This is the most important thing to remember. Working with you will be exactly what you are looking for to bring harmony, to relieve stress, to give joy and relief.

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