We all have recently observed the rise of the 6-second ad on social media, (especially on YouTube) and on TV. It is important to understand the best application of this form of advertising and the way companies can use it as one of the many choices in their pocket in order to better interact with the public.

In a recent survey, 4,885 people aged 18 to 65 were exposed to different TV and online advertising scenarios. Scenarios include a mix of 6, 15 and 30 seconds in different combinations and sequences. Emotional levels of audience engagement were measured, and they were asked about their experiences and reactions to advertisements and their brands.

Some key findings of this research are the following:

6 second ads have a more positive impact when used to reinforce a message already known from a previous ad campaign.

30 second ads are considered less enjoyable and less suitable in an online environment.

However, 15-second ads, when used exclusively for a single message, are considered to be twice as successful in relation to 6 and 30 second ads.

The appearance of the 6-second ad type is particularly interesting due to the short timeframe given to attract the viewer’s attention.

Variable ad slots can play an important role in the overall experience of an ad campaign to achieve the right balance, sequence and frequency of viewing and to deliver the best possible audience set.

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