At the F8 annual development conference earlier this month, Facebook reported that Story is more popular than the News Feed, with 450 million people at WhatsApp and 300 million at Instagram using stories to view organic user content, but also different brands every day.

The most shocking of all is that brands can now use stories for their own advertising. The versatility of Stories makes it possible to run almost any type of campaign, including brand awareness, increasing traffic for more clicks, increasing the number of app installs and a lot more.

There are easy and effective ways to use stories more successfully, since they are not as “saturated” as News Feed ads or other digital channels. 

Now is the right time to get started.

In terms of story content, short video is the best bet for brands. It drives 9 times more visits to a business website than static images of ads do.

Video Stories with promotional content must be short (less than 15 seconds) and basic. It could be as simple as a two-second boomerang by someone using the product, a fast-paced panoramic shot of a product or a presentation of the product by people who have tested the product.

Brands can (and must) try ads that mimic what their audience posts to make the look and feel of advertising match the content created by users who watch it.

Advertisers must continually find new channels outside of the saturated digital ecosystem to connect with their consumers, and now stories are the answer.

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