Live-streaming is the latest trend on social media, as various social platforms have embedded it to respond to the need and desire of users to instantly share moments of everyday life.

Of course, the increased interest in live broadcasts has led different brands to look at ways in which they can use it to interact with their audiences and thus increase sales.

Facebook is once again the leader, as live streaming videos on that social network are being watched 3 times more than normal videos. Especially since Facebook live stream has made its appearance, the popularity of this search rose to around 330%.

In fact, according to surveys, 80% of consumers would better watch a live video than read a business post.

But what are the real benefits of using Live-streaming for your business?


The public is interested in learning what is happening NOW in your business and why, what you do and how you can make its life easier or better with your products and services.


The audience wants to participate in everything you do, interact with you, comment on it, communicate with other customers.


Whatever you can see and hear live, no one cannot deny. The public wants to see your business promises to actually happen.

Personalised Content

Live broadcasting is happening now, you are the one who does it, in your own style, your own brand speaks and the audience is listening.

Guaranteed interaction

Facebook and Instagram (which keeps your streaming as a story for longer) notifies separately any user who is interested in your page for the moment you are broadcasting live. Nobody can lose that if he/she really wants to watch it.

Which are the ways to take advantage of live broadcasting for your business?

  • Answer frequently asked questions

    Customer service is an important part of any business. You can find a common question your customer service team receives and instead of answering the question again and again, you can respond to a live video. It also helps you create a content file that you can use in posts on your website as a material for interacting and evaluating your services from the public.

  • Put the audience into your business for a while

    It would be interesting to give a background of how you work, to which you can give some information and share a specific aspect of your work (e.g., how do you do something or why do you think this is the best way).

  • Promote your upcoming event

    You can use the Facebook and Instagram Live video to show a live event. For example, if you are attending a conference, you could contact your speakers and convey interviews to your audience to keep them tuned to your Facebook page.

  • Prepare the public for new products

    Another way to use Facebook or Instagram Live video is to give your fans a glance of your products. This gives you the opportunity to answer questions from excited or unhappy customers.

  • Answer comments from your Blog

    One way to use Live video on social media for your business is to discuss an issue that interests your audience. For example, perhaps a blog post created some questions to your readers, which you can answer through the most direct discussion.

Cleancut offers branding and communication services for your business, working your social media on a strategy and creating the right content for your needs.

At the end of the day, people want to connect with each other through social experiences, whether it means staying in an auditorium, watching theatre, or running home to catch a special livestream. That’s what social media means for us.

When a brand uses technology to create a unique, interactive experience, users are unable to resist and we know it well.

If you want to learn more about promoting your business through social media, contact us. Today!