The videos that can be shared on Facebook and Instagram have the potential to really increase brand awareness, basically describing a story. In order to make the video a good investment to attract an audience, it should respond to its wishes.

These videos differ from those you can find in YouTube, since on that platform visitors target to watch something. Most videos on Facebook are time-consuming (about 1-5 minutes) based on a concept, usually “tips on how to do something” or a person’s speech.

Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, quality is important. Find below the most effective ways to create your audience through the video medium.

1. Grab the attention quickly

Create a video that will keep the audience interested right from the start. You can start with visual play, either a question, a statement, which will keep the curiosity. The first 3 “are the most important, especially if you are promoting a new product or a new service offered by your business.

2. Choose an attractive thumbnail

 Whether it’s the first frame of the video, or one of the last, usually condensing the essence of the video, you should choose carefully the small icon that will represent your video.

3. Make sure your video plays without the need for audio

8% of Facebook videos are monitored without sound and most of the audience does not use sound, even if it’s available! For example, if you’re going to communicate your website or e-shop, make sure you get your audience there with quick, easy-to-understand text messages, based on a special visual “wrap”, text and caption.

4. Create short videos

The smaller the video, the better. The ideal timeframe that will help brand awareness is one minute, according to HubSpot. In Instagram, it’s about 30 seconds and videos that receive the most comments do not exceed 26 seconds. If you are advertising a product, you can create videos that last only a few seconds.

5. Engage the public for further action

Whether it’s advertising, or just part of the content of your business marketing strategy, try adding phrases such as “shop now” or “learn more”.

6. Upload the video directly to your profile

It would be best not to share your videos with YouTube or Vimeo. Only your own videos are automatically played on the Facebook feed! Beyond that, it’s easier to find them on your own page.

In conclusion, the video must have some effect. The aim is to create inspiring and motivational videos. Cleancut undertakes targeted video creation and production, so that the content speaks to the right audience in the right way through the right channels.