A review provides a unique look behind your sales curtain. It is not just an amazing way to research the marketspace, but it determines the preference of the audience and its causes. It essentially determines the value.

Let’s explore some important benefits of online business reviews.

Improved communication and customer service

Analysing the reviews that people write for your business, both good and bad, helps keep your ear in their heartbeat in terms of the satisfaction they receive from your services.

Reviews, do not just give voice to happy or dissatisfied customers, but they allow you to open a conversation channel with them and prove your customer service skills.

Even if a negative comment is done, it’s not the end of the world. Maybe someone would be impressed by the speed of your response or the extent to which you are prepared to solve a problematic situation directly.

The best advertising is your customers: proven reliability

We always want to know that another person has a good experience with a product or service before we proceed to the purchase decision.

If your business is relatively new, but it consists of some “happy” customers, that’s something very valuable. With good reviews, your product gains an established place among the competition. Even a few good reviews can make a difference.

According to BrightLocal surveys in 2015, 40% of consumers create their opinion reading 1-3 reviews and 73% create therir opinion by reading 1-6 comments.

That makes sense. Which company would you prefer to buy something from? The one of 50 reviews and 3 stars or the one with 5 reviews and 5 stars?

Improving consumer access to information

When someone leaves a detailed review of their experience with your business, they can give other users some details you may not have thought they would need.

Ratings have a positive impact on search visibility

Search engines are well aware that reviews provide a usually reliable image of the quality of a business.
Reviews are likely to appear on Google’s search results pages, where the audience can decide whether to visit the business website or not.

Improved SEO with increased keyword content

Online reviews help the creation of a steady influx of consumers driven from keywords, improving SEO and maintaining a distinct presence on the internet in general.

Today, online reviews are like small marketing campaigns that give a steady positive image to potential consumers and create a continuous brand awareness that benefits the business in short and long term.

The internet is a powerful way to connect with people around the world.

Customers trust other customers.

Just as you trust the opinion of a friend or family member, it has been proven that 85% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation!

The implementation of “mouth-to-mouth” advertising policy is older than you might think, but in our new digital world, a strong reputation is still the biggest asset.