Brands now see social media as a sales platform more than ever.

Nearly 25% of business owners are now selling via Facebook and 40% of them use social media to make sales. 30% of consumers say they are buying through Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

Let’s take a look at the efforts made by some social media platforms to increase their sales through their apps.

The new feature of Instagram, launched in March 2018, allows brands to tag up to five products in a photo. Users can use clickable tags to see additional product information. The image includes description and price of the product.

However, the most important is that buyers have a direct link to the e-shop of each business where they can complete the market.

Instagram is now successfully used as a platform for exchanging product information of every category.

In addition, brands with a Pinterest for Business account can sell their products with the “Buy now” pins. Customers can just press the red “Buy It” button right next to the “Pin it” button.

On the other hand, Snapchat has just announced its new partnership with Amazon with the new tool that allows users to spot objects in real pictures and then buy them on Amazon.

While visual search is not something new, Amazon’s weight as a brand opens new ground for Snapchat’s use at a time when user growth isn’t increasing.

This “visual search” feature will allow users to find the products they see by directly checking the stock of an ecommerce giant.

The camera is instantly a sales tool, an online shopping platform that can now completely change the data of online buying and selling.

What entrepreneurs and marketers need to understand is that in this new reality, one must find a way to turn today’s online browsers into tomorrow’s online buyers.

Social media apps are now becoming the new online markets by offering products for sale without even having to leave the application itself.

And the flow has already begun with the above examples.

What does the future of the online market mean?

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