Storytelling is an integral part of being human, and it’s the way we’ve emotionally connected with one another for thousands of years. It should come as no surprise that 92 percent of consumers say that they want brand advertisements to feel more like stories.

If you want your customers to interact with your brand, you need to show them who you are.

A powerful example of “storytelling” effect, after Snapchat’s first try, is Facebook and Instagram story, capturing a moment and showing it to the world for only some seconds. A quick look into your day and life, showing what you are working on, why and for whom, it can be the best way to stick customer’s eyes on your brand.

According to ISPO magazine, people’s subconscious is responsible for 90 percent of their purchases. A story creates emotional connections with the customers, placing them at the centre. The consumer is the hero, not the brand itself.

Here are some tips for creating an exciting story:

1. See your consumers as the main heroes

As you better understand your consumers as characters and the world they live in, you will begin to see their challenges and motivations that will lead your product to be the perfect solution for them.

2. Depend on your brand supporters and use their content

User-generated content is extremely valuable. Not only is it free, it is also authentic, because it comes from the consumer’s pleasure. Known influencers have the advantage of many followers, but they can be quite expensive. It is better to encourage everyday users of your products to provide you content (e.g. photos and videos) through contests, hashtags and gifts. You will be surprised how much consumers rely on the experiences and opinions of other consumers.

3. Give a personal tone to cause emotional connections

Through experiments it turns out that consumers do not remember simple product descriptions, but stories in which they can integrate themselves and their daily lives.

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Focus on content tailored to you to attract your audience. Address creative advertisers to create the ideal content for your brand in order to keep consumers always present to your online meeting and ensure your content speaks to the customer in a consistent and compelling voice.

Cleancut creates a message that can match your ambitions while driving your audience into action. Incorporating narrative elements into your branding will allow you to trigger more successfully consumer sentiments and optimize your ad to increase sales.

People need a true, honest story. In fact, 91 percent of consumers appreciate authenticity and put this factor as a prime when deciding what to buy. If you want to gain the trust of your customers, make sure that what you communicate is verifiable.

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