Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced at the company’s 2017 developer conference that Google “is reviewing all of its products” as it moves from a mobile world to an AI. (artificial intelligence) world. AI, according to Google, makes it easy for us to do things daily with our personal digital assistant.


During his speech, Pichai focused on the presentation method. “As stories are best told with pictures, dots and” heavy “texts are increasingly avoided by Google,” he said.


His slides were extremely clean with a large amount of white space in each slide.


Researchers conclude that the average slide of PowerPoint should contain 40 words. Since the beginning of Pichai’s presentation, it took about 12 slides to reach 40 words.


For example, the first slide contained seven logos from Google’s core products (Search, YouTube, Android, etc.) and the following text: “1 billion + users”.


The brain cannot do two things at once and do just as well. When it comes to presentation design, we cannot read the text on the screen and listen, while keeping all the information.


Less words and more pictures. According to the book by biologist John Medina, “Brain Rules”: “We are incredible in remembering pictures. Listen to some information and three days later you will remember 10% of these. Add a photo and you’ll remember 65%. “


If you want to create visually interesting slides, the Nancy Duarte Slide Design Guru is the three-second rule. If viewers do not understand the meaning of your slide in three seconds, it is very complicated. “Think of your slides as billboards”, says Duarte. When people drive, they only take their eyes away from their main focus, which is the road, to process a billboard. Similarly, your audience should concentrate precisely on what you are saying, looking only briefly at your slides. ”


Bullet points are the easiest thing to create in a PowerPoint slide and the least efficient (!).


In the TED Talks book, Chris Anderson writes: “A bullet point can be a sentence on a slide or replaced entirely by a photo.” In Pichai’s presentation, the fifth slide was the subject. There were five words in the slide: “Mobile first to A.I. first ».


If it works for Google, it will work for you as well.


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