In advertising, the timetable is highly unstable, as the deadlines are one of the most important parts of the job. If you feel the need to be more organised and productive, these are some of the ways that we follow too, so we can manage the time that is valuable but not enough at the same time.

The following tips can help you stay cool and focused. Especially if you run your own business in a real or online environment, responsibilities are increasing day by day and tasks can be different and many.

1. At first, find out where you are wasting time. If you spend a lot of time answering phones and emails, writing and posting your business news, you might want to find an online time management tool, whether it’s an electronic calendar where you will organize the most important tasks to be done first, or contact a creative office that can take over all of your business communication.

2. Then make sure you are working on an organized computer. Wasting a lot of time searching for files on your computer? Take the time to organize a file management system. The archiving system you have chosen is likely to slow your overall work.

3. Learn delegate tasks to third ones. Usually, if you are in a business with a big staff, delegation is one of the most difficult things to do, but you have to let other people take responsibilities. For example, it’s better to outsource your business ad, if your time is limited so that each mission is faster and more accurate.

4. Create a routine and stick with it as much as possible. The truth is that programming helps you become much more productive if you can follow specific steps to accomplish any task.

5. Set priorities to everything. You should start every day, prioritising the work of that day and setting up a delivery time for each of them, like a small alarm clock that helps you not being absorbed from little unimportant tasks.

Whatever the nature of your work, stress oftentimes pays off and can actually look tiring. The first thing you need to understand for time management, no matter how organized you are, there are always only 24 hours a day.

Time does not change. All we can manage is what we do with the time we have ourselves. Assess the needs of your business and proceed as soon as possible to the above tips for greater efficiency and meet even the most demanding deadlines.