Business owners are usually busy. From the responsibilities of financial management of the business to its networking, the typical entrepreneur manages almost everything. However, for some reason, surveys show that web site construction for the business is not at the top of the list of tasks.

The development of e-commerce and digital transactions has leaded the market to new roads. We provide you the necessary information, answering your questions about constructing a website for your business.

Once you make the decision to create your company’s online presence, contact us to find out what you need to know before starting your website.

The following 7 FAQs are intended to help you get the information you need!

1. How long will it take?

Calculating the time, it takes to deliver your website depends on many factors. At our first meeting, we will help you understand all the steps from gathering material up to delivery. If you have gathered in your mind the goals you wish to achieve through this website, you can be of great help in gathering the necessary information we need to meet your demands to the fullest extent and to accelerate the implementation time.

If we gather the information needed, we will inform you immediately, always taking into account your own deadline.

2. What other services are provided?

We offer a full branding pack, starting with your logo design and corporate identity creation, through social media management services, SEO (search engine optimization), hosting (domain hosting) and domain name registration. In addition, there is the ability to shoot and produce video of your products or business for use on your website and beyond. Make a list of everything you need in order to guide you to what best suits your needs.

3. How much will it cost?

This, of course, depends to a large extent on the details required for the construction of a website. For example, the number of pages, the needs of creative work, the specific features required (newsletter, forms of communication, e-shop, etc.) are parameters that influence the construction of a website and can increase the price.

4. Is education included?

It’s very important to understand how your site works and how to keep it updated. We offer guidance services to each client to manage the site and create a friendly management environment for the client or partner who takes over the management of your website.

5. What if the site is malfunctioning or is it attacked?

In any case, we assure you that Cleancut will not leave you alone. A full support program is provided for each client from the security of the infrastructure that will be hosted on your website until its maintenance and renewal, as for us the collaboration does not stop with the delivery of the project.

6. Has research been done before planning?

We conduct the necessary research on the contemporary market of the respective sector where your business belongs, knowing the competition, understanding your design and communication needs and choosing the best way to create your own distinctive corporate identity.

7. Is the site compatible with mobile devices?

This is probably the most important thing nowadays! We assure you that your website will be specifically tailored for smaller devices such as mobile & tablets, as we know well that mobile web & tablet users are constantly growing and a perfect and friendly look of your website on any device you can determine if the visitor becomes your new customer.

With these seven questions, you can get in touch with us and discuss the process of creating a website that suits best your business vision.

Cleancut works according to your needs to create the best possible relationship and produce a successful and affordable website.

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