Creating an exciting title is maybe a bit tough, but really important. It’s the first thing catch the reader’s eyes, even if it’s about a promotional article of new products and services, or an informative text about your business activity.

These are some important steps that can help you write a truly catchy headline, in order to make your audience integrate with your communication model followed or the services offered.

1. Include numbers into your headlines

Some people love it and some others do not, but if you belong to the category of companies that offer products or services and your consumer is specific, you can target it by communicating either product prices, research results regarding the business quality or even the visitor numbers of your website or e-shop annually. Good or not, the numbers are an easy and “eye-grabbing” technique to attract your audience.

2. Show people how to do something

Practical advices are always useful. For example, if it’s about your own products, you can reach out your audience by showing them alternative ways to use them. If your business is online, you can easily create a text with advices on everyday practical issues.

3. Add one to three magic words to the headline

In worldwide websites we constantly see articles that mention the word CEO. The audience responds directly to an article that is either written by CEOs or speaks about his personality and the actions that lead him to success. If, for example, you are dealing with your own web site, address your audience, informing them about how you work and which are the specific tactics you follow. People love to learn tips for success.

The first page, but especially the title of an article, is the most important point. If you have chosen the texts as one of your communication ways, make sure that each title leads to the best possible advertising of your brand and services.